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Cliff Drive | Poole

We worked closely with the clients/owners of this new contemporary house to help them achieve their dream home. The original house was demolished to make way for a bespoke design that maximises the incredible views and fantastic light.

The accommodation and internal layout responded to both the site and the opportunities by providing the main living spaces on the first and second floor and providing the sleeping spaces on the ground floor.

Intergral storage and clever use of spaces has provided an uncluttered and clean living environment that provides a perfect backdrop for the owners to personalise with signature furniture pieces and contemporary art.

The house was completed at the end of 2015 by Portus Homes.

Cliff Drive IMG 0693 Landscape
Cliff Drive IMG 0539 Landscape X
Cliff Drive IMG 0675 A Square
Cliff Drive IMG 0619 Portrait
Cliff Drive IMG 0528 Square
Cliff Drive IMG 0622 Landscape
Cliff Drive IMG 0604 Portrait
Cliff Drive IMG 0590 Square
Cliff Drive IMG 0580 Portrait
Cliff Drive IMG 0564 Landscape X
Cliff Drive IMG 0550 Portrait
Cliff Drive IMG 0514 Landscape