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Dilly Lane | Barton-on-Sea

This project provided a great opportunity to take a 1960’s flat roof house and transform it with an extensive redesign that involved refurbishment and extension. Working closely with our clients we created a new ‘family inspired’ living environment that provided living spaces that are light, spacious, flexible and responded to the way our clients wanted to live. A major focus was to reconnect the house with the rear garden. This was achieved by creating ‘outdoor rooms’ on differing levels that related back to the internal living spaces through large glazed sliding panels.

The house was completed April 2010.

Dilly Lane IMG 7836 Landscape
Dilly Lane IMG 7844 Landscape
Dilly Lane IMG 7869 Square
Dilly Lane IMG 7878 Portrait
Dilly Lane IMG 7886 Portrait
Dilly Lane IMG 7888 Landscape X
Dilly Lane IMG 7889 Square
Dilly Lane IMG 7890 Landscape
Dilly Lane IMG 7891 Square
Dilly Lane IMG 7894 Portrait
Dilly Lane IMG 7900 Portrait