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Sleep Farm | Arne

We were approached by the owner /client of this house to assist them in detailing and interior design of their home. They had previously gained planning for the house through local practice Morgan Carey Architects.
The clients were keen to utilise the German fabricated Streif system which we have had experience with on a number of projects.
We worked closely with the family/client and the local contractors, Matrod Frampton, to ensure the vision of a contemporary country farm house was realised.
Careful and considered detailing was required to ensure the materiality and simplicity of the design was consistent both externally and internally.

The house was completed in Spring 2015.

Slepe Farm 020 Portrait
Slepe Farm 015 Lscape
Slepe Farm 021 Square
Slepe Farm 019 Portrait
Slepe Farm 018 Lscape X
Slepe Farm 014 Square
Slepe Farm 002 Square
Slepe Farm 003 Portrait
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Slepe Farm 005 Portrait
Slepe Farm 006 Square
Slepe Farm 007 Lscape
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Slepe Farm 012 Square
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