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Flambard Road | Poole

The design for this new home was inspired by the woodland setting. Although the trees currently provided a stunning natural backdrop they had a negative impact on natural light to the previous existing traditional form house.

It was key for the new home to not only sit within the natural context but to open up to provide greater natural light to the internal living spaces. We responded to this challenge by creating a contemporary form that is softened by its natural timber cladding and through large glazing panels provides ‘framed’ views of the woodland surroundings while providing greater natural light.

The house was completed in the autumn of 2011.

3 Flambard Road 001 Square
3 Flambard Road 002 Lscape X
3 Flambard Road 003 Portrait X
3 Flambard Road 005 Lscape
3 Flambard Road 006 Portrait X
3 Flambard Road 004 Portrait X
3 Flambard Road 007 Lscape X