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Mowlem Theatre | Swanage

The proposed refurbishment of the Mowlem Theatre would create a new focal building for Swanage. The development would create a central arts / entertainment / performance facility with waterside bar / cafe / restaurant.

The newly refurbished building would create a leisure facility for both the local community and the towns visitors hosting arts events and providing an active focus for the town centre. The inclusion of cafe and gallery space would extend the building usage throughout the day while performances and the bar / restaurant provide the focus for evening activities.

Mowlem Day Landscape X
Mowlem Night Landscape X

Hatlapa | Bournemouth

What started as a simple office refurbishment soon transformed into an exciting design challenge. Working in partnership with EI Projects the client at Hatlapa was inspired to provide something more than just a simple office spruce up. 
They were keen to make a statement and to provide an inspirational working environment. 
We worked closely with the client to help them achieve this vision.
Utilising bright corporate colours and cool graphics we took what started as a tired industrial shed and transformed it into a cutting edge office space.

Work was completed March 2012.

Hatlapa 006 Portrait X
Hatlapa 007 Square
Hatlapa 008 Landscape
Hatlapa 009 Portrait X
Hatlapa 010 Portrait
Hatlapa 011 Landscape
Hatlapa 012 Square
Hatlapa 001 Landscape
Hatlapa 002 Landscape
Hatlapa 003 Landscape
Hatlapa 004 Landscape